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    camera software a simple and cheap device for video recording, but this device brings people a huge favor. Millions of the inhabitants of the earth communicate using a web camera on Skype, are making videos about his life and the world, watching the events in your town or on the other end of a planet. But that’s not all. If earlier to create a complete security system, video surveillance required difficult and expensive equipment, today for webcam and a computer with special software. In the simplest case for normal operation webcam software, in principle, is not required. In the latest Windows versions have built-in drivers for cameras leading world manufacturers, and in addition, each model comes with your drivers for various operating systems. However, the default driver only allows you to make video. To solve more complex tasks - such as video streaming on the Internet - we need a more advanced one. Arrangement of your home or office system protection and control requires the use of software that is capable of several specific functions. First of all, the software for the observation must be able to combine information from multiple cameras installed in different rooms, in a single software interface. In addition, THE modern software for surveillance is able to detect movement in the frame and noise in the range of a microphone and notify the owner - for example, by e-mail or SMS on the mobile phone. After receiving such message, the owner or an employee of the office responsible for the security, can view the recording via the Internet (including on-screen smartphone) and in case of unauthorized access to the premiseshttp://www.pysoft.com

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